We,ve got the dirt!

You just never know what you will dig up at Lenné. I decided to move about 80 vines with a track hoe last week as we get ready to expand the lower half of our tasting room. After it is done we will be able to enjoy a dinner indoors in the middle of December and look out at the pouring rain and blowing wind. But to do that we had to move some vines.


Lenné’s Peavine Soil

It is very difficult, almost painful to take a mature vine out of the ground. It has spent years sending tap roots down to sustain itself and that is no easy task in Lenné soil. But it had to be done and so we thought we could at least gather some of the root ball and transplant the older vines to the southeast corner of the vineyard. I know the soil is bad in all of the vineyard but thought it might contain more organic matter in the lower part of that corner. Boy was I wrong. We dug up nothing but compressed siltstone and sandstone rocks and I loved every minute of it.


How can a plant sustain itself in this soil? Well it goes to show you how hearty grape vines are and why you need to control their vigor by planting them in poor soils. If you want a more detailed explanation of why we like our horrible soil see our trade page.

Every time I smell a Lenné wine it reminds me of a chocolate covered black cherry. Every taste of our wine settles into the back part of my mid palate and I think of all the strange things we dig up at Lenné.

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