It wouldn’t be harvest unless I was on a tractor after dark.

Every harvest I find myself driving in the dark staging bins for an early morning pic. Sometimes its hard to see out there even though I have lights. With 4 bins stacked on the front forks it is easy to make a mistake, like the year I ran over the propane tank that feeds the bird cannon. Thank god it didn’t explode, just let out a loud hiss and I jumped out of the tractor and ran like hell.harvesting kill hill

Last night there was a full harvest moon and a perfectly clear sky. The air was warm and I stopped for a minute at the top of the vineyard and just absorbed it all; it was stunningly beautiful. It was just one of those moments that just make you feel glad to be alive. I am sure you have had that feeling in nature.

Later I thought what an interesting harvest.  Everyone harvest is different and this is an early harvest by Lenné standards, only two being around this same time. A couple of weeks ago we got rain followed by a day of record heat which could have been a problem but ensuing cooler weather helped keep the vines in check.

Thank you Dyonisus . The cool weather has kept sugars in check and I can’t see the wines clearly this harvest will produce, but I think they will be good, forward and enjoyable early. The proof will be in the pudding, or more aptly the barrel and soon.

I will keep you posted…

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