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Vintage Chart

 Lenné Pinot Noir longevity. 

The difficult soils at Lenné create small, thick skinned berries which produce intense, flavorful wines with great longevity. The wines all have loads of fine grained tannins that help fight off oxidation. 

General Recommendations

While you can enjoy Oregon Pinot Noir young there is no way to enjoy great Oregon Pinot Noir without proper bottle age Our general guide for Oregon Pinot Noir is to wait at least a couple of years after they are realesed. Since most Oregon Pinot Noirs are released approximately two years after the vintage we recommend waiting until the 4 year after the vintage date to drink. The real magic doesn't happen until 6 to 8 years after the vintage when the wines start to reveal much more complexity aromatically and they make a textural shift to more richness as the acidity, tannin and alcohol start to integrate. 

Specific Lenné Recommendations.
Vintage Best Time to Drink General Vintage Notes Wines recently tasted. 
2019 2022-2032 A classic Oregon Vintage with moderate weather and a cool fall. The vineyard was harvested at the beginning of October. Mouthwatering, black fruited wines with violets. Best to wait a couple of years  6/30/2021 We have tasted all the 2019 wines 
recently and we recommend holding them at least a year. We love this vintage and they all will be stars but they are acid forward right now but are destined to be stars with bottle age. 
2018 2021-2031 A very warm vintage which produced big, fruit forward wines but with loads of underlying tannins for structure.  6/30/2021 We are currently pouring some of the 2018's wines and they are delicious accross the board but still simple. They will always be opulent wine and should age well because of the tannins. For those of you who like bigger Pinot's stock up. 
2017 2021-2032 A hot vintage with the largest fruit set ever which slowed ripening. The wines have mouthwatering acidity and are more red fruited than black fruited. Not at all what you would expect from a hot vintage because of the large fruit set. 6/30/2021 We love where these wines are headed. They are all becoming drinkable but we would advise holding  off for a couple of years if you have patience though they offer good drinking pleasure now. They will blossom for more than a decade and eventually be rich, fruit forward wines that are still light on their feet. 

Vintage General Notes Wines Recently Tasted