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Lenné wines are primarily sold through the tasting room and here online. You can browse our store for more information on specific wines and current vintages by clicking on the underlined wine link. A very limited amount of our wine (only LeNez and Lenné Estate) is also available in Colorado distributed by CS Wines.

The ancient marine sedimentary soils of the Yamhill-Carlton District produce Pinot Noir with black fruit flavors and rich textures. Lenné’s predominate soil type is peavine, a nutrient poor soil which produces small clusters and berries. The resulting wines have a concentrated mid-palate and long finish, with black cherry and mineral components in the nose. Underlying all is the mocha character which is  the aromatic signature of the terroir of Lenné. All Lenné pinot noir and chardonnay is sourced exclusively from from our 15.5 acre estate vineyard.

LeNez Pinot Noir                                                 
The LeNez Pinot Noir is blended from all five pinot noir clones on our vineyard: Dijon Clones 777, 115, 114, 667 and the Pommard clone. It is generally more fruit forward than our other offerings, very approachable when young, and will improve for 5 to 8 years after release.  LeNez (pronounced "lee-nay") means "the nose" in French -- the name is a pun and an homage to Lenny's distinctive profile.
The Lenné Estate is our flagship release, blended from 50% Pommard and a selection of our four Dijon clones. This wine typically shows a little bigger than the LeNez, with dark fruit, black and Bing cherry flavors, and dense texture and aromatics.  It will improve for a decade from the vintage date.

Jill's 115 Pinot Noir
One of our most popular single clones, "Jill's" is named after Karen's mother.  Created from the best few barrles of the Dijon 115 clone from each years crop, this wine is always one of our most fruit-forward. Typical notes include red cherry, black currants, and tropical aromatics and a soft, elegant mouthfeel. The mouthfeel is distinctive, always our silkiest and softest, with copius amounts of fine grained tannins. Like all of the pinot noirs grown at Lenné there is a signature mocha aromatic, and we recommend six to ten years bottle aging.

Eleanor's 114 Pinot Noi
Named after Steve's mother, our Dijon 114 clone is the most red fruited clone at Lenné producing wines redolent of raspberry and spice. While the 114 clone is not uncommon in the Willamette Valley, very few wineries produce this as a single clone. The 114 works wonderfully in blends, adding finesse, bright acidity, and red raspberry fruit notes, but it's generally a bit too delicate to stand alone. Not so at Lenné, since our terribly poor rocky soil imbues the 114 with enough backbone and body to stand alone

Karen's Pommard Pinot Noir

Named after our co-founder Karen Lutz, this 100% Pommard wine is sourced from the highest elevation northwest corner of our vineyard. The Pommard clone is one of the bolder and darker, and this wine always shows depth and body, with black cherry and dark Bing cherry fruit, plus a fine-grained tannic finish.

Originally brought in to the United States from France in 1959, this clone was one of the first pinot noir clones planted in Oregon and remains one of the most popular and complex. Lenné Estate's Pommard always shows full-bodied flavors and an earthy note, with the mocha notes that are the terroir aromatic of Lenné.                  
The South Slope Pinot Noir is a premium blend of the Pommard and Dijon 115 clones. Two of Steve's favorite clones, these two blend beautifully, with the earthy body of Pommard balanced by the fruity complexity of 115. With aging this wine gains richness and a sandalwood aromatic that we love.  The wine has tremendous concentration and layers with black and bing cherry fruit, vanilla and mocha aromatics. 
The Kill Hill Pinot Noir comes from the the most stressed part of the vineyard and combines the Dijon 114 and 667 clones in nearly-equal proportions. The "Kill Hill" quadrant is the upper most northeast corner of our hillside vineyard, where the very shallow and rocky topsoil creates extremely harsh growing conditions.  The name commemorates the first planting in 2004, when 99% of the young vines died.
The 114 is a red fruited clone with bright fruity acidity, while the 667 is structured and intense, with a strong note of spice. The resulting wine always reminds us of black raspberries with a "wet stone" minerality imparted by the rocky soil, and often that distinctive Lenné note of mocha, almost like chocolate powder.  Kill Hill is often the "biggest" wine we produce, is always a favorite of our wine club members, and is often the quickest to sell out of all our wines. 
Cinq Élus means "five select," and this wine is crafted from a blending of the single best barrel of all five of our pinot noir clones. This is our finest wine and is only produced in exceptional vintages.  Cinq Elus is multi-layered, a whole formed from many parts. This wine is the best expression of the terrior of Lenné, and boasts aromatic and flavor elements from all five clones, including mixed berry aroma, acidity, a dense mid-palate, fine-grained tannins, and a long, rich, complex finish.

We recommend a minimum of six years bottle aging on this wine to let these five personalites come together in one. 

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